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Calef Letorney

Calef's mom will tell you his "need for adrenaline" started in utero,  when she rolled her Land Rover while 8 months pregnant. He denies being a junkie, but he did learn to ski at 2.5 years old and by 10 he was sledding off the 2nd story roof. Calef went on to compete in freestyle whitewater kayaking, winning medals at National and World Championships. He learned to paraglide in 2005 in Colorado and Utah from some of the best instructors in the Nation. Calef fell deeply in love with soaring paragliders and has traveled the world chasing the dream. When he moved home to Vermont, Calef found few local pilots capable of keeping up. It just wasn't the same without a gaggle of friends, so in 2009 Calef got his first Paragliding Instructor rating and he has been training fledglings ever since. In 2017 Calef received an USHPA P5 Master rating, but he'll be the first to tell you there's always room to grow, so he's focused on continually improving his flying skills and instruction techniques. If you want to try soaring in the mountains, tandem or solo, Calef’s your guy!

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Sam Chambers

Sam “Flyote” Chambers is a remarkable adventurer and educator. He first discovered paragliding in Iceland while sailing from Vermont to Norway in the early 1990s. He quickly learned to fly and has been chasing the dream ever since. Leveraging his decades of experience teaching outdoor sports like skiing and sailing, Sam was a natural paragliding instructor. Twenty something years later, Sam is the master at figuring out how each student learns best and tailoring the lesson to maximize student progression. So if you’re just picking up a paraglider for the first time, be sure to spend some time with Sam!

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Andrey Kuznetsov

Andrey is a proper canopy artist. Hailing from Ufa, Russia, he learned to skydive in 1990 at just 15 years old and has completed over 4000 jumps. He spent 10 years in the Russian National Canopy Formation Team, and has held three world skydiving records, including being part of the current world record for a 100-person canopy formation. In 2003 Andrey moved to the USA and pursued a career in mechanical design engineering. It was here in New England he learned to fly paragliders in 2009. With his previous canopy experience, Andrey progressed quite rapidly and got his USHPA Tandem Instructor certification in 2011. He’s been thrilling passengers ever since. Andrey currently resides in the greater Boston area and offers tandem instructional flights for PGNE at many different sites all over New England. Also, with his extensive parachute packing experience, Andrey leads PGNE’s reserve repacking clinics.