Yaesu VX-6R (PGNE Custom)

Yaesu VX-6R (PGNE Custom)


The finest radio we offer, the VX-6R is ultra compact/ light-weight and remarkably durable with top-notch transmission and reception qualities. For this package we include a remote speaker/mic with a custom windsock (to cut wind noise), lanyard, and snap shackle (stainless steel sailing hardware) so you can easily clip it to many places like the shoulder strap. This snap shackle has a convenient quick-release and the closure mechanism prevents line snags making it much safer than traditional beaners. We go the extra mile to modify (grind) the shackles and lubricate the release pin so they are super easy to operate in-flight. This ultimate radio and mic setup is exactly what our instructors use personally.

The VX-6R is an ultra-rugged 144-430 MHz FM Hand-Held featuring wide receiver coverage, JIS7 submersibility, the Yaesu-exclusive Emergency Automatic Identification (EAI) system, and ultra-simple keyboard access to important features.

New on the VX-6R is the One-Touch Direct Memory Recall feature, that allows you to recall ten favorite memories with a single button press, just like on your car stereo.

The VX-6R comes equipped with a high-capacity 1400 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack.

The included speaker mic is a genuine Yaesu MH-57A4B, which maintains the waterproof rating of the radio but is not waterproof itself and may be damaged if submerged. For $25 more we can upgrade to the  fully waterproof Yaesu MH-73A4B. Enquire after purchase.

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