Sup Air Shine

Sup Air Shine

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The Shine is a round Pull-Down Apex parachute, which was produced by our own design team. Its goal is to offer low packing volume and weight whilst retaining maximum safety. Thanks to a sophisticated design and quality materials, it will answer the needs of all paragliding pilots.

A round parachute…

The SHINE is a new generation round Pull-Down Apex parachute, it replaces the Light and X-Tralite parachutes which were in our range for a number of years. Designed and fine-tuned by our internal test team, it uses a proven 20 Decitex fabric and full dyneema lineset.

Its weight and volume are close to the X-tralite and much better than the current Light model (15% to 20% lighter and more compact*) for almost the same retail price as the Light model!

Naturally the SHINE parachute is EN12491 and LTF 9109 certified.

*according to size

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