Novice Package

Novice Package

500.00 2,500.00

This item is the deposit toward a Novice Package. Complete cost for this package is $2,500 and you will be asked to pay the balance as you go. About the novice package…

Earn your wings. Appropriate for folks who have never touched a paraglider, our Novice Package is the gateway to a lifetime of free-flight adventure. In this intensive course you will learn about the dynamics of flight and become proficient at kiting, launching, flying, and landing a paraglider. Expect to spend time studying in the classroom and lots of ground school practice, flying the paraglider like a kite. You will learn about weather and decision making strategies to enable a long, successful paragliding career. 


  •     10-12 hrs classroom lessons

  •     5-10 kiting lessons

  •     7-10 flight lessons

  •     35 flights minimum, likely many more

  •     P1 + P2 test plus an individualized test lesson

The P2 course can be done in 3 weeks or 18 months depending on the weather, pilot aptitude, and how much time & effort students spend practicing and studying at home. 

Students will learn on our excellent modern beginner gliders, harnesses, helmets, and radios. Paraglide New England also uses industry-leading tow mechanisms for both over-ground and over-water towing. During training, PGNE will help students select, setup, and transition to appropriate equipment for use after graduation. There’s many options for different budgets and pilot attitudes and we are keen to help you make a good choice!  


  • Bring a Friend: Receive $200 off per person. 

  • Gear Credit: Take $300 off a new wing and $100 off a new harness. 

  • Travel Discount: Take $200 off an international PG trip.

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