Maneuvers Clinic

Maneuvers Clinic

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This item is the deposit toward a Maneuvers Clinic. Complete cost for this 3-4 day clinic is $799 and you will be asked to pay the balance at the end of the clinic. About the Maneuvers Clinic…

Local SIV!

Paraglide New England is excited to offer the first and only maneuvers (SIV) training in the Northeastern USA!  

What is it?

Over the water maneuvers training, or SIV (French acronym for Simulation d'Incident en Vol), is a structured training regimen designed to teach pilots all the things they should know but prudence dictates that we should not practice over the ground. A maneuvers clinic offers the best and safest opportunity to gain deep understanding of wing behavior in the atypical situations that arise during thermal flights. For advanced pilots, our clinics are personalized to meet your needs and help you further acro and descent techniques. 

Why do it?

If you plan on flying in thermic conditions or doing any aerobatics, maneuvers clinics are essential. Top instructors and pilots recommend annual over the water maneuvers training. Pilots who have completed a maneuvers training clinic will will often say things like: "This should be required of all pilots!" or "Now I really know what my wing can do!" Maneuvers training is all about understanding your wing so you can fly more safely and know how to get out of the sky in a hurry. Get over the water and develop the muscle memory to tackle unexpected events in "the wild" with the confidence and skill that can only come from firsthand experience.  

What's included?

PGNE Maneuvers Clinics consist of an evening of classroom lessons and 2 days of towing coached by Master pilot and USHPA Advanced Instructor Calef Letorney. Our clinics include 4-8 tows depending on weather, schedules, and pilot preference. Given the exciting and intense nature of towing over the water, many pilots find that 2 or 3 tows per day is plenty. 

Day 1: Friday afternoon classroom 4-9PM. We will meet and do  the following:

  • Introductions and sharing of pilot goals

  • Review towing lesson, flight plans, tow procedures

  • Harness simulator. Incident visualization and practice

  • Maneuvers training and discussion

  • Video review of maneuvers

  • Test reserve throw and re-install reserve parachute. This is necessary due to a shocking number of reserves packed or installed incorrectly around the world. 

Day 2-4 : Towing at Bulwagga Bay. We tow Saturday and Sunday weather permitting. Monday is a rain day or if for whatever reason, pilots were not able to get their tows in. PGNE personalizes every SIV course to the pilot, so whether it's your first or your fifth SIV course, it will be just right for you.

May include any or all of the following depending on pilot's wishes and instructor discretion:

  • Wing control drills

  • Big Ears

  • Pitch Control

  • Asymmetric Collapses of varying size and response

  • Full Frontal Collapses of varying size and response

  • Riser twists

  • B Line Stalls

  • Spirals

  • Asymmetric Spirals

  • Full Stalls

  • Spins

  • Wingovers

  • SAT

  • Other Acro

Extras: PGNE aims to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Beyond the fundamentals of maneuvers training, the clinic also includes the following:

  • Pizza during Friday night classroom

  • Free camping Friday night

When, where and how much?

Summer 2018 clinic dates:

  • Jul 13 - 15 (Rain dates: Monday July 16th and/or July 20 - 23) Full, no spots left.

  • Jul 27 - 39 (Rain dates: Monday July 30th and/ or Aug 3 - 6) Full, no spots left.

  • Aug 10 - 12 (Rain dates: Monday Aug 13th and/ or Aug 17 - 20) Full, no spots left.

  • Aug 24 - 26 (Rain dates: Monday Aug 27th and/or Aug 31 - Sep 3) Full, no spots left.

  • Sep 7 - 9 (Rain dates: Monday September 10th and/or Sep 14 - 17) Full, no spots left.

  • Sep 21 - 23 (Rain dates: Monday September 24th and/or Sep 28-30) Full, no spots left.

Summer 2019 clinic dates:

  • Jul 12 - 14 (Rain dates: Monday July 15th and/or July 19- 22) 

  • Jul 26 - 28 (Rain dates: Monday July 19th and/or Aug 3-5) 

  • Aug 9 - 11 (Rain dates: Monday Aug 12th and/or Aug 16- 19) 

  • Aug 23 - 25 (Rain dates: Monday Aug 26th and/or Aug 30- Sept 2) 

  • Sep 6 - 8 (Rain dates: Monday Sep 9th and/or Sept 13-16)

  • Sep 20 - 22 (Rain dates: Monday Sep 23rd and/or Sep 27- 30)

Cost for the SIV clinic is $799. Friday meet-up location for clinic the pre-towing lesson and reserve check/re-pack is at our Richmond, VT location. Towing operations are conducted from Moriah Bay Campsite & Beach on beautiful Lake Champlain just south of Port Henry, NY (see map below).

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