Intro Lesson: $200*

Want to get your hands on a glider before committing to the P2 course? Then the Intro Lesson is for you. During this 3-4 hour lesson you will learn about the equipment, methods of forward and reverse launching, and techniques for proper ground handling. The entire cost of the intro lesson may be applied towards a Novice P2 Flight Package.



Novice Package: $2,500*

Earn your wings. Appropriate for folks who have never touched a paraglider, our Novice Package is the gateway to a lifetime of free-flight adventure. In this intensive course you will learn about the dynamics of flight and become proficient at kiting, launching, flying, and landing a paraglider. Expect to spend time studying in the classroom and lots of ground school practice, flying the paraglider like a kite. You will learn about weather and decision making strategies to enable a long, successful paragliding career. 


  •     10-12 hrs classroom lessons
  •     5-10 kiting lessons
  •     7-10 flight lessons
  •     35 flights minimum, likely many more
  •     P1 + P2 test plus an individualized test lesson

The P2 course can be done in 3 weeks or 18 months depending on the weather, pilot aptitude, and how much time & effort students spend practicing and studying at home. 

Students will learn on our excellent modern beginner gliders, harnesses, helmets, and radios. Paraglide New England also uses industry-leading tow mechanisms for both over-ground and over-water towing. During training, PGNE will help students select, setup, and transition to appropriate equipment for use after graduation. There’s many options for different budgets and pilot attitudes and we are keen to help you make a good choice!  


  • Bring a Friend: Receive $100 off per person. 
  • Gear Credit: Take $300 off a new wing and $100 off a new harness. 
  • Travel Discount: Take $200 off an international PG trip.



Soaring Package: $1,300*

So you’ve earned your P2 pilot rating (with us or elsewhere) and you know how to launch and land... But what is the next step? Our Soaring package will help you take your novice skills to the next level so you can confidently soar in the mountains. We will refine your skills and teach you the subtleties of mountain & thermal flying dynamics. Additionally, because we believe over-the-water maneuvers training is a vital element of continuing education, we include a 3-4 day SIV clinic. This package is the best way to ensure a smooth from novice skills to becoming a confident and independent mountain pilot.


  • Unlimited local mountain instruction until the P3 rating is earned or 24 months
  • 3-4 day over the water SIV clinic
  • 3 hours of optional intermediate classroom discussion
  • One reserve repack lesson
  • USHPA P3 exam and accompanying lesson


  • Bring a Friend: Receive $100 off per person. 
  • Gear Credit: Take $300 off a new wing and $100 off a new harness. 
  • Travel Discount: Take $300 off an international PG trip.



Ace Package: $1,100*

If you’ve got a P3 and are ready take your skills to the next level, the Ace Package is for you.  Learning acro, refining your soaring, and/or expanding your XC horizons, whatever your goals, PGNE is excited to help you get there.


  • Unlimited local mountain and cross-country flight instruction until the P4 rating is earned or 24 months
  • 3 day over the water SIV clinic
  • 3 hours of optional advanced classroom discussion
  • One free reserve repack lesson
  • USHPA P4 exam and accompanying lesson


  • Bring a Friend: Receive $100 off per person.
  • Gear Credit: Take $300 off a new wing and $100 off a new harness. 
  • Travel Discount: Take $300 off an international PG trip.



SIV (over-the-water maneuvers) Clinic: $799*

All mountain pilots should do at least one SIV per year to build the confidence and muscle memory necessary to deal with the inevitable in-flight incidents. Plus it is crucial for soaring pilots to be well practiced at getting out of the sky in hurry. PGNE leases an amazing beach and has two tow boats just so Paul Somerset (USHPA Advanced Instructor since 1993!) can open your mind and revolutionize your flying. 



Reserve Check & Re-Pack: $60

We all hope to never throw our reserve parachutes, but if your time comes, you want it to work! Having your reserve checked and repacked at least annually is crucial to ensuring a timely, reliable deployment. Many manufacturers recommend repacking once every 150 days and you should also repack anytime your chute gets wet. Master pilot and USHPA Advance Instructor (since 1993!) Paul Somerset leads our reserve repacks. He's thrown thousands of parachutes while sky diving, BASE jumping and wingsuit BASE jumping. With countless intentional low deployments while BASE jumping, Paul really knows how to pack a chute! Paul can repack for you via a mail-order service or you can join him for a hands on lesson. Rogallo chutes (like the Beamer) take twice as long and therefore cost $90. Square chutes and hybrid chutes cost $75.



Tandem Flight: $200*

Whether you have ambitions of soaring solo or you just want to learn about paragliding with somebody else "at the wheel", a tandem instructional flight is an ideal place to start. We fly tandems in the mountains and tow over Lake Champlain with a winch in a boat. If you go on to be a solo pilot, the flights, hours, and cost of your tandem can be applied towards your P2 rating.


 All paragliding tandem flights in the USA are conducted under USHPA Excemption 4721 to Federal Aviation Regulation Part 103. This exception allows 2 person flight on our ultra-light aircraft for INSTRUCTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY... so we give tandem flight lessons, not joyrides. This suites us nicely as our mission is to teach New England to paraglide and entertaining tourists on tandem does not contribute to that.


Since paragliding is completely weather dependent, we cannot schedule tandem flights more than 2 or 3 days in advance. We fly tandems infrequently, when the opportunity presents itself... but we list the service here because passengers love it and consistently describe the experience as "AMAZING, once in a lifetime." 


To schedule: Click the button below to add yourself to our tandem waiting list. We will reach out when we see an opportunity to take you flying.


*Don’t let $ hold you back! PGNE is in the game first and foremost to spread the love of paragliding, so if you’ve got the passion we are keen to work with you. Payment plans, financial aid packages, barters, work trades, and "bro deals" are available. Please enquire.